MGID Teams Up with Pixalate to Fight Ad Fraud

In a savvy move to battle sneaky ad fraud, MGID, the global ad platform, just announced a slick partnership with Pixalate, the go-to crew for ad fraud protection, privacy, and compliance checks. This tag team effort means Pixalate’s tech is now getting cozy with MGID’s anti-fraud toolkit.

MGID Taking on Ad Fraud Like a Boss

We all know ad fraud has been that annoying fly in the ointment for ad budgets. Especially in the programmatic ad game. With the wizardry of artificial intelligence, the risk of shady business has gone up. Made-for-advertising sites are popping up like mushrooms, making fake content like it’s nobody’s business. MGID’s posh club of global advertisers is about to cash in on this extra layer of protection. The partnership is like the bouncer at the club – keeping out the bots and fake stuff.

Oleksii Borysov, the Product Bigwig at MGID, laid it out, saying they’re pumped about joining forces with Pixalate to keep a close eye on their traffic quality. It’s all about making sure ad cash goes to the real publishers who are the backbone of the internet, as he spilled the beans on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

MGID Keeping the Online Ad Game Clean

This isn’t just some random move by MGID – it’s a proactive step to shield their advertisers from getting bamboozled. By throwing Pixalate’s high-tech shield into the mix, MGID is on a mission not just to keep its own clients safe. It also to be a superhero in the wider ad industry fight against fraud.

Jalal Nasir, the Big Cheese over at Pixalate, was grinning ear to ear about this tag team with MGID. “By blending our anti-fraud, privacy, and compliance analysis platform, MGID’s commitment to taking out the trash for their clients and the whole ad industry gets even more muscle,” he tossed in with a wink.

Making Sure Ads Shine in Safe Spaces

MGID’s gang of global advertisers set to score big from this collab. It’s not just about slamming the door on fraud. They’re also making sure ads pop up in chill, high-quality spots where real folks can see them.

This whole move vibes with the bigger trend in the industry. Everyone’s tightening the screws to shut down fraud and keep online ads legit. MGID is going all-in, using top-notch tech like Pixalate’s to make sure online ads are a safe and open playground.

As the digital ad world keeps shifting, tag teams like MGID and Pixalate are like the Avengers of online ads. They’re building trust, lowering the risks, and creating a healthier online ad scene for advertisers, publishers, and regular folks like you and me. The double whammy from MGID and Pixalate is a major step towards making this happen.


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