Unveiling Selena Awesome Build in Mobile Legends

Crafting Selena Fear-Inducing Arsenal

Hey, buddy, ever heard about that super awesome hero in Mobile Legends? Her name’s Selena, the Shadow Witch who dazzles and confuses enemies. But, to unleash her real power, you need some killer tips for building her up. So, I’m sharing the secrets of the Selena Mobile Legends build that will turn you into a feared warrior on the battlefield!

Magic Footwear: Magic Shoes

First things first, you gotta grab those Magic Shoes, dude. It’s a must for adding cooldown reduction and movement speed to Selena. So, she can use her skills more often and zip around like the wind. No one can catch her!

Now, to beef up Selena’s attack power, Clock of Destiny is a must-have.

This item pumps up her magic power and adds HP over time. The longer the battle, the stronger Selena gets. Enemies will definitely throw in the towel!

Queen’s Wings: for extra survivability

But hold on, it’s not just about attacking, bro. Selena also needs to stay alive and kicking. So, for extra survivability, get yourself Queen’s Wings. This item throws in a shield and adds physical lifesteal when Selena’s HP is halfway. That way, she stands tall even when enemies try to knock her down!

Glowing Wand

And, Selena needs an item to bring the heat to her enemies. That’s where Glowing Wand comes in. This item adds a burning effect that makes enemies all itchy. Selena’s attacks will hurt even more, and enemies will surely panic facing her!

Fleeting Time

Not just that, bro, Selena also needs cooldown reduction to keep those skills flowing. That’s why Fleeting Time is a perfect pick. With this item, Selena’s skill cooldown drops after a kill or assist. So, she can smoothly unleash skills and make enemies panic!

Divine Glaive

Alright, this item is super important for cranking up Selena’s damage—Divine Glaive. This item adds magic penetration that makes Selena’s skills hit hard! Enemy defenses become like balloons that easily pop, bro. So, Selena’s enemies will be begging for mercy!

Blood Wings

Last but not least, grab Blood Wings to make Selena even deadlier. This item adds magic power and HP to Selena based on the magic power she already has. So, Selena truly becomes a VTBET big threat that’s hard to handle!

There you go, bro, the must-try Selena Mobile Legends build tips. With these items, Selena will be a nightmare for her enemies. Also, don’t forget to throw in some cool emotes and expert gameplay to boost your swagger! So, give this build a shot and become the most feared Selena in Mobile Legends!

Selena’s Skills and How to Rock Them

Selena in Mobile Legends, the Shadow Witch with some seriously cool skills. Now, I’m gonna tell you how to unleash the full potential of Selena’s skills to make enemies scared out of their wits!

Bullseye: Abyssal Arrow (Skill 1)

First off, Selena’s first skill, Abyssal Arrow, you gotta use it with perfect timing. Don’t just shoot randomly, dude! You gotta find the right moment to shoot the enemy so the arrow hits and makes the enemy bite the dust. Remember, don’t miss!

Next up, Selena’s second skill, Abyssal Trap.

This can be your secret weapon, dude. You can place this trap in strategic spots to ensnare enemies. When the enemy gets caught in the trap, shoot Abyssal Arrow right away and smack the enemy with super painful damage. The enemy will be shocked, bro!

Selena’s third skill, Shadow Form, turns her into a shadow and makes her movements super agile.

Now, you gotta be smart using this skill to dodge enemy attacks. You can slip into the enemy’s shadow, shoot the enemy, then escape before the enemy can catch you. It’ll leave the enemy even more confused, bro!

Lastly, Selena’s ultimate skill, Phantom Projector, makes her move like lightning.

So, when you use this skill, don’t hesitate to chase after enemies on the brink of death. Don’t let them get away, bro! This skill can help you get kills and lead your team to victory.

So, there you have it, bro, how to unleash the full power of Selena’s Mobile Legends skills to become a terrifying attacker. Remember, keep practicing, sharpen those eyes, and always be a hero that’s in sync with the team. Once you master Selena, enemies will surely throw in the towel!


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