Lisa from BLACKPINK Makes a Splash at Crazy Horse

Lisa from BLACKPINK confidently took the stage at Crazy Horse, a renowned cabaret venue in Paris famously associated with nude dancers. Lisa’s decision to perform at Crazy Horse initially sparked controversy, but she seemed unfazed by the criticism. Tickets for her debut performance at Crazy Horse sold out quickly, reflecting her immense popularity.

Crazy Horse: Beyond Controversy

Crazy Horse has often faced public scrutiny due to its historical association with nude dancers. However, it’s essential to note that Crazy Horse is also a respected venue for artistic expression. Trained ballerinas grace its stage, and it’s known for some of the most creative cabaret performances globally. Additionally, Crazy Horse frequently collaborates with renowned choreographers, photographers, and designers.

Lisa’s Multiple Captivating Outfits

According to fans’ tweets, Lisa graced the stage with six different outfits during her performance at Crazy Horse. One fan account, @super_manoban on the X platform, mentioned that Lisa appeared in attire ranging from military-themed costumes to bikinis. In her final performance, Lisa wore a black bikini-like outfit with a cute pink wig.

Photos of Lisa in this striking outfit circulated on social media. Although all the dancers had similar styled wigs (albeit in different colors), Lisa stood out as the only dancer wearing a bikini top while others appeared without tops.

Audience Reaction: Spectacular and Electrifying

Audience members who witnessed Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse were full of praise. They described her performance as spectacular and electrifying, leaving a lasting impression. The support from BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Rosé further solidified Lisa’s debut at Crazy Horse.

Jisoo and Rosé were captured by fans’ cameras exiting a car and arriving at the Crazy Horse venue on the day of Lisa’s performance, showing solidarity and support for their fellow BLACKPINK member.

Mixed Reactions: Controversy vs. Empowerment

Lisa’s debut at Crazy Horse drew mixed reactions from the public. Some criticized the decision, expressing concern that many of Lisa’s fans are underage and may not fully comprehend the implications of her performance at such a venue.

One internet user wrote, “When I saw the news, I was disappointed. Many of Lisa’s fans are still underage. What will they think when they see Lisa performing there?”

On the flip side, there was vocal support for Lisa’s bold decision. Some argued that Lisa is helping women make choices, break free from male-centric perspectives, and assert autonomy over their bodies. They viewed her decision as a brave one, resonating with themes of empowerment and autonomy.

In essence, Lisa’s debut at Crazy Horse ignited a conversation about artistic expression, empowerment, and individual choices. While it sparked controversy, it also served as a statement of empowerment for some, illustrating that art can challenge societal norms and expectations.


Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse showcased her artistic versatility and willingness to push boundaries. The sold-out show and positive reviews from the audience are a testament to her star power and ability to captivate audiences globally. Regardless of the controversy, Lisa’s bold choice to perform at Crazy Horse has sparked important conversations about empowerment and autonomy in the realm of artistic expression.



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