Galaxy Lantern Art Festival: A Radiant Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Today witnessed the splendid inauguration of the Galaxy Lantern Art Festival, graced by prominent figures such as Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of Macao Government Tourism Office, and Ms. Sandy Cheong Lai San, President (Substitute) of the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau.

This remarkable event, generously supported by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM) and the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), in collaboration with the Macau Designers Association (MDA), is casting a brilliant light on the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese National Day. It is also providing an exciting platform for budding designers to illuminate their creativity.

Galaxy Lantern Art Festival

Honoring Macau’s Design Excellence

From now until September 24, Galaxy Macau invites local residents and tourists to partake in the Macao Design Week 2023 at the East Square. In partnership with MDA, this event serves as a grand showcase of Macau’s design prowess. It encompasses exhibitions, seminars, tours, workshops, and an impressive display of nearly 80 artworks from 50 design organizations hailing from Macau, Singapore, and Japan.

James Yang, Senior Vice President, Marketing Services of Galaxy Entertainment Group, expressed his excitement: “We are delighted to witness such a vibrant and creatively charged representation of talent at the Galaxy Lantern Art Festival. The launch of Macau Design Week 2023 offers a unique platform to celebrate and showcase the innovative design capabilities within Asia.”

Esteemed Designers and Inspiring Themes

Macao Design Week 2023 has brought together celebrated designers, including Yah-leng Yu, the Founding Creative Director of Foreign Policy Design Group, as well as Lam Ieong Kun and Dan Ferreira, the Co-founders of Indego Design.

The exhibition featured captivating events, including the “N30 New Designers Exhibition,” the “Tokyo Illustrators Society – Flower Illustration Exhibition,” and the “Macao Product Design Association – Sustainable Design Exhibition.” Carrying the theme “Keywords of the City,” these events emphasized the allure of Macau, support for emerging designers, and the promotion of sustainable design.

Lantern Design Competition Ignites Creativity

In partnership with MDA, Galaxy Macau hosted an illuminating lantern design competition that saw the participation of art students from the Greater Bay Area, local universities, and designers. The theme, “Traditional cultural elements presented in innovative & artistic ways,” culminated in accolades such as Gold, Silver, Bronze medals, the Most Creative Award, and Honorable Mention. The eight winning lanterns will grace the halls of Galaxy Macau until October 31.

Dazzling Displays of Tradition and Culture

The Galaxy Lantern Art Festival harnessed advanced light projection technology to exhibit traditional Chinese lantern designs in a dazzling spectacle. An LED wall showcased a continuous series of digital artworks, infusing life into Chinese culture through the imaginative interpretations of four distinguished designers from mainland China, Macau, Singapore, and MDA designers.

Supermoon and More Delights Await

In tandem with the Lantern Design Competition and Macao Design Week 2023, Galaxy Macau will unveil the First-in-Macau Supermoon from September 25 to October 8. Visitors can gather beneath a towering six-meter giant moon at the Lawn, relishing live performances and parades on September 29 and 30, all while enjoying tailor-made picnic hampers.

From September 28 to October 8, the world-class luxury integrated resort will host the Broadway Food & Craft Festival. This will be complemented by an array of Mid-Autumn themed F&B and retail offers, as well as new openings, contributing to the festive atmosphere from September 8 to October 31.

The Galaxy Lantern Art Festival serves as a testament to the exquisite fusion of tradition and innovation and underscores Galaxy Macau’s unwavering commitment to nurturing local art and culture while further solidifying Macau’s stature as a premier entertainment and travel destination.


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